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World’s First ‘Multimedia Podium’ Translating Simultaneously Launched!

October 10, 2023

The innovation was presented at Como Lake 2023

It is called CABOLO Podium and applies artificial intelligence to the transcription and translation of international meetings or conferences. This new product was presented at Como Lake 2023 by Enrico Giannotti, Manging Director of Cedat85.

CABOLO is an autonomous artificial intelligence that processes information without the need to connect to external services. The interactive podium has an integrated system that simultaneously transcribes and translates over 60 different languages during international events. CABOLO Podium makes it easy and intuitive to follow and understand what a speaker is saying during an international conference: on the screen integrated in the podium and facing the audience, in fact, the transcription and translation of the speech in progress at that moment are displayed in real time. ‘Our AI-enhanced real-time transcription and automatic translation arise from traditional skills and concrete needs,’ explains Giannotti. ‘Who among us has not found themselves attending meetings or conferences in a language they did not master, not hearing important parts of the speech well? With our technology we achieve the goal of making the content completely accessible’.

This ‘Made in Italy’ innovation story starts with a Cedat85 patent that allows voice recognition to automatically transcribe and digitally archive the proceedings of council meetings. Over time, more and more local authorities in Italy have adopted this system to the point where there are now over 300 councils and 5 regional governments. In 2015, thanks also to continuous updates and technological improvements, this real-time reporting system was adopted by the Chamber of Deputies (the Italian Parliament) and in 2022 it also landed in the European Parliament. ‘The relationship of trust between public opinion and its representatives,’ Giannotti continues, ‘also passes through the use of tools that guarantee clear information on the activities of elected representatives, cutting waste and lengthy bureaucratic steps. It is precisely accuracy, confidentiality, efficiency and cost and time savings that prompted the European Parliament in 2022 to choose our technology as the official parliamentary reporting and translation system, beating even Microsoft in the tender phase’.