Automatic Speech Recognition

Cedat 85 is a leading in developing and implementing the world’s most powerful and advanced speech-to-text technology solutions for private and public sector clients.

There is an ever growing need to process audio and audiovisual content for various purposes, such as removing issues impeding accessibility or defining archiving methods
for both sound and graphical data, so this information can be easily and immediately retrieved at a later date.
Consequently, services linked to the provision of transcribed content, particularly reporting and subtitling services, are experiencing a considerable increase in demand and,
at the same time, a growing need for high-quality services.

It is only by appropriately integrating new technologies with current speech processing models that the whole sector can make the necessary leap in quality to best respond
to the market stimulus.
New IT technologies and, in particular, technologies for understanding natural language (speech recognition software) have opened up new horizons for the automation of information processing.
Cedat 85 is leading this evolution and is helping transfer technological innovations into production processes to improve the quality of the work and services provided.