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Case Studies

Tailor-made solutions for companies & the public administration

Some of the most important national and international public administration authorities use Cedat85 solutions for the transcription of their assemblies and meetings, thereby transforming speech content into valuable digital assets. Cedat85 helps companies and institutions accelerate the digital transformation processes by facilitating innovation through cutting-edge technology.


Mediaset chooses Cedat85's +VOCE technology for the creation of an explorable and indexed repository.


Téleperformance, a global leader in contact centre management services, chooses Cedat85's BESMARTCALL to monitor the quality of its inbound telephone support service.


The Sant'Alessio - Margherita di Savoia Regional Centre for the Visually Impaired finds in Cedat85 an excellent reference point for completing the training through a series of internships.

European Parliament

Cedat85 technology enters the European Parliament to transcribe and translate debates and meetings in real time in 24 languages.

The British Library

The British Library commissioned Cedat85 for a speech-to-text solution to archive its collection of radio broadcasts.

Italian Chamber of Deputies

The Italian Chamber of Deputies adopted Cedat85 technology in 2015 to automate the transcription of assemblies and meetings.

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